Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Lifting of the Siege

Still trying to work out the tempo of my life right now. There is a theme of restraint and control overlaying most of it. Trying to fit it all in, in the proper way.

I started Weight Watchers last week, and this first weeks weight-in went better than I had hoped. I was careful, don't get me wrong, but with the hospital visits shoved in there, which included a visit to the lovely cafeteria and the bakery products; I was afraid I was too distracted to stick with it. Not gonna drag y'all through a weight loss bloggery... but when I hit twenty pounds down... I'm throwin' myself a party and ya'll are invited. I figure an Internet party is the best way to go, no one will be tempted to bring dip or chocolate cake. Is safer.

Before anyone gets too excited, twenty pounds is just the leftovers plus, from pregnancy number Pearl. I will then still have fifteen each from Birdy and LaLa to answer for once those are gone. Plus the initial ten or so that I picked up in my first year of marriage, and is never gonna be documented how far I am from my goals even then.

heh.... yeah.

And then there is the revamping of the budget. Or perhaps it would be better described as the introduction of a budget for our finances. That should be a right fun party right there! Whee!

You know, I feel like we are digging out from under. Emotionally, physically, financially recovering from the long siege of stress from the uncertainty and fear surrounding Pearl's sickness, capped off with a month long pitched battle at PCMC. Stress that caused Dadguy and I to start picking at each other for the first time in our marriage, the house to crumble into epic levels of slime-ary, and an overabundance of tv watching for the kids.

I just hope that we can stay here for a while. I like it here, feels comfortable. And even though I don't adore structure and discipline so very, it is nice to have that illusion of control.


DadGuy said...

I need to point out here that introduction of a budget is a misnomer. Well, from my point of view. Otherwise we would have a lot more debt because of me not following any kind of budget. Or you for that matter.


bon said...

OK... this is true. We are careful, and we do live in our means. But it is also true that I don't pinch the pennies till they cry, and we're going to need to to do the things we want!

Fantastagirl said...

Bon - I'll get out my WW books and do the diet with you for the next few weeks (until vacation - I won't diet in Vegas). I don't have a local meeting anymore, but if you can do it - I can to!

Mama D said...

I am SO coming to your party!

Plus budgeting. Yeah. We need to do that too.

sari said...

Hi, I'm in need of some budget help as well. Maybe we need a budget club too.

It's nice when the stress passes and you can start concentrating on other things. Just remember you don't have to solve ALL of it at once! :-)

Shelli said...

You and Dadguy are so cute.

I am a fellow WWer, so welcome. I am trying to be good also.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Good for you- I know lots of people who have done great with Weightwatchers. It's definitely easier with a little less stress in the house.

Ryann said...

Hey Bon-- Could so relate to this post! Thanks for sharing. Hey on a side note check out It stands for you need a budget. Some friends that are awesome budgeters shared this with us, haven't ordered it as of yet, but planning to ASAP. Enjoying WW with you-- hope your week is going good!