Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Foodie Post

It is as my Mom says... I need to look at all the food that I can eat! Fruits, veggies, meats and once I get my body in line I will likely be able to enjoy cheeses with more freedom again. So now I have to rely less on canned, processed and be-muckified foods... is that REALLY a bad thing?

This morning I walked Birdie to her preschool, across the street and down two houses... then the two younger girls and I went to the local health food store. I picked up a couple of brown rice pastas, a box of uber-healthy corn chex, bag of hot cereal mix, two kinds of snack crackers and two kinds of snack chips. I also picked up a box of gluten-free rice milk (the kind I usually use has some sort of barley nonsense in it) and a tiny frozen loaf of brown rice bread. At the counter I threw in a $2.00 tube of Burt's Bee's lip balm and FORTY FREAKING DOLLARS later we are home having ourselves a taste test. I tried everything but the pastas and the hot cereal.

The crackers tasted... healthy. So healthy in fact I think they may have done a few push ups and cardio exercises as I chewed them up and swallowed. They really weren't any surprise, as I have mentioned I come from a long and glorious tradition of Celiacs and gluten sensitives and I have tried a few of my Mom's "treats" over the years. They aren't bad but they really do have that cardboard doppelganger thing going.

Next came the rice bread. First let me say that a loaf of rice bread has an uncanny resemblance to a llama loaf... pressed into shape and frozen. This is one gluten fee yummy that I have eschewed over the years. I have watched carefully as my Mom would take her frozen and pre-sliced turd of "bread" and pry two slabs off. She would then toast the everliving hooey out of those bad boys, claiming that if you toasted them very, very well the gummy quality of the "bread" became less noticeable. Mmm hm... tried it and I see why my Ma uses those hockey pucks as a vehicle for good jam. If I ignored the fact that my toast was sticking to my teeth while I chewed... why it was almost like eating something toast-esque for pretends.

The rice milk tasted just like rice milk, and the Corn-crunchies cereal looked alot like corn chex and tasted like I imagine the Marine Corps would taste if they were made into a breakfast cereal. Semper Fi and ooo-RAW!

I don't know
but I been told,
Jar Heads taste best
served up cold!

Lemme tell you, at five bucks a box I better know I've eaten them!

Happily I also came across these in my quest for all things non-glutinous, because O, my stars and garters! These suckers are to Cheetos what a rich German Chocolate cake is to a Hostess Ding Dong. I also picked up a brand of Sea Salt and Vinegar potato chips that I am fond of for their overall mouth disabling qualities. We are talking open sores on your tongue and you STILL cannot stop eating them. I'd go get the bag and shoot you a link but my blogging time has ended. Lunch... aka cabbage salad and an apple.


Anonymous said...

You go girl!! If you want something that actually tasts good, don't forget the corn tortillas (read the label first. The best ones are in the freezer and have only 3 ingredients-corn, salt, water. No preservatives, hence they are kept in cold). You were raised on corn bread and pintos. corn bread makes up quite nicely without the flour. If it doesn't hang together well, next time use an extra egg. AND occaisionally i see mozzerella or something like a swiss cheese that says "lactose free" in big letters on the front of it. it tastes wonderful.! Soy cheese stinks. The totally best spelt bread i have ever found is sunflower house brand, so moist (thats UN usual) it is better than regular bread. It does have a little gluten, tho. Spelt noodles are a tad better than rice. Make soup when all else fails.
I was sorry sorry sorry to hear about the baby down the stairs. Is she still OK? Steep stairs give me the creeps. Love you, Mom

Fantastagirl said...

Way to go and find something you can eat! And who knows eating food that is good for you could be dare I say it - Good for you. I know, I know - I love my chips, breads, pastas etc. Sorry you have to give those up!

Mama D said...

The open sores chips sounds great. What is up with that? I used to eat these sour gum ball "tear jerkers" I think they were called. They were so awful they didn't make you cry and make faces like you were bleeding internally. But I couldn't. get. enough. Strange, we are.

Valarie said...

seriously, can you believe how outragous health food is in these parts? It's insane the amount of money we spend in one particular store- wild, even. and we only have to avoid dairy and soy.

good luck! and newman's own cookies are really pretty good. not that you asked, but I was just thinking about my next trip there and mentally adding cookies to the shopping list.

Valarie said...

also, stay far, far, away from these-

I'm still gagging at the thought of that orange paste.

LynAnne said...

We've found the rice milk in the dairy cooler is much better than the stuff on the shelf.

JD said...

Why is it that you kill me?? I am so sorry about the health food induction. It sounds painful.

Good luck.

PS thanks for the Email it made my day!!

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

Oh sweetie. Trust me when i say I feel your pain!

It IS hard. It IS frustrating. And -- guess what -- it gets easier. The first couple weeks are sucky, like giving up smoking sucky.

It gets easier. You CAN do this.

By God, if you can squeeze out (nay, tolerate) three kidlets, you can do anything!