Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bird Realities

Morning in the House of Chaos. Birdie sits in the middle of my bedroom floor putting on socks and boots for preschool. As I walk by I see she has stopped. She is thinking, putting ideas together in her dreamy Birdie way.

"Mama, you are in charge of everything, huh?"
"Well, everything around here pretty much," I answer.
Slowly, still in think-mode she starts again."Daddy is in charge of some things?"
She has it, it makes sense to her. "So YOU are in charge of everything and DADDY is in charge of some things!"

I am so proud.

Go pop some bubblewrap.


Mommygoth said...

That's a smart kid, yeah?

Mama D said...

I can't wait for A to figure that one out.

The bubblewrap was fun but it sounded more like drums than snapping. I guess they couldn't record that good snapping noise!

Nobody said...

At least Dadguy gets to be in charge of some things.

If you need someone to be in charge of Nothing, I'm your guy.

Stephanie said...

Smart girl. You should buy her a lollipop. She has got her head on straight!

Fantastagirl said...

She is a very smart little girl! You should be very proud!

KellyF said...

She has it all figured out already! :) So cute!

beth said...

Hey, she's got it. Now if only she could explain it to the guys so they would get it.