Thursday, July 06, 2006


Ok... so I haven't been exactly forthcoming in regards to the haps around here. In my defense, I didn't want to jinx it. Now it is mostly done and I have some pictures to prove it.

Here is the first thing you see as you walk out my back door.

another angle.

and here is a patch of yard that is at turns a swampy pit from the hose and a crispy weedy mess... 'cause it's Utah and 'cause the sprinklers don't really reach here.

Heh... hit a snag! The folks who built our house were known for cranking out the maximum amount of house for your money, on time. Quality? Mmmm... not so much.

A snag of the two year old variety.

An elephant.

Now we wait 24 hours, wash and seal with clear.

True love.

*Edited to add: Eh, haven't got the Flickr thing down... click on the Flicker badge in my right hand column... it will take you to my Flickr account and a clearer image.


Fantastagirl said...

Footprints in wet cement is something that would happen at our house...LOVE the elephant - that is too cute!

Valarie said...

I like what you did between the window wells. We have a similar crispy problem and may need to copy you.

jd said...

ooooooohh Pretty!! You want to come over and beautify my backyard??

Stephanie said...

Um, are your services for hire, sans the two-year old help?

bon said...

Heh! I think I had best clarify... This is the blood, sweat and tears of my BIL. He is a trained professional with access to all the tools of the trade. Me? I watched.

Mama D said...

Looks really lovely. I am jealous. I'll be taking pictures of my filled out flower garden, um, once I get it weeded. Maybe next week when I am on holidays?

EmmaSometimes said...

hehe. No not cement. That's concrete = sand, gravel, cement, aggregate, water, lime and sometimes calcium. I can't help it. Can you tell I've been a concrete finisher's wife for the last 13 years?

Nice stamp work. So did your BIL flip over the footprints?

bon said...

Eeek! Emma YOU ARE RIGHT! Sorry BIL-guy... concrete!

He did not bat an eyelash at the footie-prints... he's a man of great chill-ousity.

EmmaSometimes said...

Oh, I am so anal retentive...but I make a good trivial pursuit partner.


Hey, were you ever going to change out your template at all? or did you need help with it? I recall you asking about it, but I don't know if you decided to stay with's really bright and cheery! :o)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, love it! »