Friday, October 20, 2017

You Do You

   Last night I was chatting with a group of women from my neighborhood. We are Utah-Mormon women, so that means we are also all in the same church group. It came up that a newly "empty-nester" couple had sold their home and were in the process of downsizing.  I fantasized out loud about downsizing.
   The things. They pile up.
   Sick of cleaning the house, and yard work, and dinner, and, and, and... Like a dumb-ass I listed all the things that suck down my days. One of the women looks at me and says "why don't you outsource some of it?"
   Actually, I have been considering getting a guy  or a crew or someone to come in and prune and prep the yard for winter. Or, ya know, just let everything go to heck the way I do every year. I angst every year till it snows for really-reals, and then, oh well.
   I curse myself for that decision every spring as I muck out the flowerbeds.
   I say, "yeah, I've been considering that." Sweet visions of a truck full of guys to do all the things so I don't have to.
   "They have these things called schools, you know," she smirks back at me, "you could send your kids there and it would free you up for everything else."
   I forgot. This particular woman has raised her children, all of whom are hyper- successful and happy products of public education and a good, solid wallop of higher education to boot. We have had a conversation before where she kindly explained to me what a disaster it will be if my kids don't get a diploma and a degree or better, several degrees.
   Look. I don't think homeschooling is for everyone. If you send your kids to the local public school or go charter or private.... whatever. It's your thing. You do you.
   I get that not everyone approves of what we do, or believe that it is a good idea. At all.
   We homeschool. 
   It is difficult and exhausting.
   Why on earth would I outsource one of my favorite things?  Why would I chuck all the personal revelation from my God, all of the gains my children have made, and all of the blessings?
   My fault for putting Homeschooling on the list of what my day is. 
   Let me be clear: Homeschool is up there with food, raising my kids, and prayer.  Not out sourcing any of it. Except for the occasional trip to Del Taco.
  Because tacos.
  Sometimes you just need a big bag of tacos, and maybe a crew of guys to fix up the yard.


pretty darn prosaic said...

I for really really-reals vote for a crew of guys to do the yardwork! BTW, that woman's comment was sarcastic and mean. Not a fan.

Heather said...

Dang, you are amazing. That's all I have to say.