Monday, July 06, 2015


I'd always thought 

I handled stress well.  

Had a picture of myself

in my head 

of a woman who 

could walk through fire… 

till I took a stroll once or twice 

in the furnace.

Abednigo, I am not.


I am well fired clay.

Strong but brittle.

Not scorched, 

but damaged 

in that I can

never be made into

something other 

than the form I was

when I entered the kiln.

1 comment:

anne nahm said...

All three of these are amazing, bon. They capture heartwrenching ideas about being a woman. Hope you are sending these out for publication.

PS: Still have the song you sent me on rotation -- took it on my Ipod to Kauai. (Can't remember how much about her you've put on the internet, so I'm redacting her name and relationship to you) has a ton of heart and talent!

<3 Anne