Saturday, September 19, 2009


Saturday I got a funny gurgle in my chest, but other than that I felt fine.

Sunday I got a wild hair and decided it would be fun to throw a dance party for the girls, so I took aim at Thursday and we got to planning. We hand made some invitations, got some prizes at the dollar store, some treats, a couple packages of balloons and broke out the Christmas lights. Planning and preparing for the party was really fun, but I always forget how much work goes into the simplest of gigs. So Thursday found LaLa, Pearl, the next door neighbor girl and I blowing up balloons downstairs after morning Kindergarten. We put the final touches on the party but I was starting to feel just a little funky.

I had had a hard time blowing up balloons, and actually had to put the smaller ones aside because I couldn't even get them started. During the party I started to sweat profusely, but I chalked that up to dancing around in the basement with a bunch of sweaty little girls. They tended to dance a little crazy and smack each other around like a good old fashioned mosh pit if not given a little direction.

"NOW let's dance the pogo!" demonstrate.
"NOW let's do the twist!" demonstrate.
"NOW a Congo line!" You get the picture.

Then they took turns picking the style of dance as I jiggled Henry on my hip, and then everyone got a turn doing a solo dance for the admiring crowd. A half an hour after the last girlee left I was barely able to stand. I washed the dishes, and tried to think up a dinner but when Dadguy got home he took one look at the mess that was me, and sent me to bed.

Two x-rays and a couple of shots in the caboose later, turns out I have pneumonia. Dang guys, I HATE pneumonia.

At least it isn't H1N1. I woulda felt all kinds of lousy about throwing an inadvertent Swine Flu party.



elizasmom said...

Inadvertant swine flu party. Hee.

I'm sorry you have pneumonia, whatta drag. But the party sounds fantastic, and an idea I'll be stealing for my kiddo soon-ish, I'm sure. Love the pic of everyone in full swing!

Mama D said...

I thought I had H1N1 this week. Thankfully it seems it's only a cold. :)

I'm glad you don't had it either but pneumonia sucks!!! Hope you are tip top really soon!! xoxo

That dance party sounds awesome. If I lived close by enough I would have totally been there!!!

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Feel better!

Anonymous said...

and, uhm, that weird number up there is me (anne nahm)

Becky..AMHW said...

I had a bout with pneumonia in high school. Pleurisy too. They gave me drugs that made me feel mostly perky and fascinated with my fingers.