Thursday, February 19, 2009

She Turned Five

This once a week posting is for the birds, but I have been excessively busy, so suck it up and eat birdseed my friend.

Seriously... another birthday and party, Valentines Day, Pearl with her usual double ear-infection plus sinusitis, Birdie and Henry down with RSV, all the attending doctors appointments, meds, and love and care for the sickies, a trip down south to St. George for the weekend, and now with the serious focus on potty training for the Pearl-girl... lucky any post of any kind is comin'! And oh yeah, the computer bought the farm and this post is coming to ya via the laptop; stupid Safari and blogger don't play well together, and I don't know how to mediate.

If anyone ever tries to tell you that there is no significant difference between three and seven kids, take your thumb and forefinger and flick them soundly upon the nose for me. They are lying to you.  Is load of crap.

Lala  wanted a "Littlest Pet Shop" themed birthday party for her fifth birthday, so I planned a cake and drew a cat poster which the girls color in the day before the party, a day that turned out to be a sick day for everyone anyway (ref: the RSV and ear crud and nose crud) .  Then I drew some tails on papers so the guests could color and cut out their own tails for the game.... an activity in itself.

The poster turned out better than my Turtle debacle.

Cake was great, and the kiddo was happy too.

The thing that really slays me though... with all of my generous eating of birthday cake, Valentines chocolate and cookies, and the vacation crap food extravaganza, I have lost three pounds.  This mysterious loss of weight baffled me until I looked over and realized that somebody now has cheeks that bear an uncanny resemblance to cookies, and there are a few thigh rolls that I swear look like buttercream frosting.  Doesn't he just look like a white chocolate bonbon, all wrapped up in a Sunday suitie?! I promise you...that little button up shirt under the sweater vest really does have a collar.


Mama D said...

Lala is FIVE! Holy smokes. So grown up, so grown up! Love the picture (though I was a fan of the Turtles one, so entertaining!) and the cake, as always, perfection.

Henry is... I don't have words for the cuteness. Sweetie.

Lynanne said...

happy belated birthday! And yes, the babe looks simply delicious. How did you resist kissing his sweet neck while taking that photo?

bon said...

ha ha! I'd have to FIND that neck before I could kiss it!

Sunni said...

Ha! He's a cute little butterball, hiding his collar that's so funny! Just wanna kiss those cheeks!

JenK said...

I love the cake. It's beautiful.

The munchkins are a pretty close second.

bahecky said...

So adorable! Yummy chubbiness and happy birthdays! Hope everyone is feeling better soon.