Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep Sucking Death

This is why I haven't been blogging. I am tired, and tired-brain equals stupid brain... and annoyingly, pathetically WHINY brain. I get started with a post and I cannot get farther than two sentences because I want to put myself in time out, I am SOOOOO wah-wah-wah-everything-sucks-I-
need-sleep. Only I really just want to punch myself in the face... but we are trying to use our words and our problem solving skills aren't we?

Which is funny, because I never mind it when I read other people's blogs about the sleep deprivation. Maybe it because I have to hear my own unfiltered whining in my self-pitying brain rather than experience it in it's cleaned up format on a blog. Maybe it's because of that funny thing about how even when your own life sucks, you wouldn't trade with anyone else... 'cause you know the suck that you live with and it seems more live-withable than someone elses suck. I have that in spades, I HAVE lived someone elses life before, I have lived another version of suck and I am more aware than many, just how good my suckitude really is. Because in some ways I have it all. All of it that really matters to me anyway.

I would tell you the specifics about how good I have it... but it would just come off like bragging, or else you would just look at what I think is so great and think "wow... she thinks that's so great and I think that's just more of the suck that she lives with!" Just trust me when I say that most everything is going my way and translate that statement to the things that YOU would think are great.

Didja do it?

Good. Now picture yourself sniveling about some small hitch in one aspect of your truly awesome life, possibly a hitch that is part and parcel of that aspect. Like being bitter about the security checks you have to go through to get on the plane for your two month long dream vacation to the Bahamas. Perhaps you get frustrated to tears with the Paparazzi trailing you every where cuz you are such a famous, sexy thang and you are dating whoever it is you happen to think is the uber-hottie celeb.

That's me with the sleep deprivation that comes along with the behbehs. Except for the small fact that sleep deprivation is it's own little world of misery. It is a multiplier of misery. It, by it's very nature, causes every irritation and sorrow to appear to increase and deepen in the mind of the sufferer. Seriously, I thought that I had re-jacked my knee, it hurt so bad... then I realized that everything hurt. My head hurt. My back hurt. My hands hurts. My heart hurt a little.

Henry is mostly a good baby... he just didn't sleep so good at night for five nights straight, and I don't get naps. I had to abandon my work-outs this week, and that is annoying AND humbling because I know many women who woulda gone anyway. But I guess it comes down to me knowing myself, and I had to scale back.

and you would get more of the pissing and moaning except HEY! He's awake again and I either click the publish button now, or give up and post a stupid blurb on Fecesbook.


edited to add... Meredith... I am gonna answer your question, and everyone else? Don't blame me when I do, cuz she asked!


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Superwoman said...

Niiiccccee, I think you have just been spamed good! I too an enjoying the benefits of the sleep deprivation, just remember it does get better! I have to keep telling myself that over and over, this will end, this will end. . . I'm so glad to have tank here though!

Nobody™ said...

Fecesbook, LOL.. I hate that thing, and it's YOUR fault that I signed up for it.

bon said...

Last time I checked, Nobody was a man capable of making his own informed, adult decisions.

looney said...

Sleep deprivation can be very serious, it affects blood sugar, causes depression, interferes with everything in your whole body. So it's more like you are whining about the full body cavity searches from a leering creepy TSA who swears he HAS to double check, and assures you that is his supervisor on the other side of the two way glass clearing his throat, not his buddies giggling, on your way to an all expense paid, all inclusive vacation in the Bahamas.

bon said...

Holy CRAP! Looney you have killed me with the laughing!

Meredith said...

Of course now I wonder what question I asked that you are going to answer because I too am sleep deprived!!

I think you are a total hardcore to parent 4 kids under 10, including a behbeh. I too would not be trading the suck I know for someone else's suckitude but man, I would love some sleep!

looney said...

I hope you feel better now :)

Mama D said...

Having a six month old who is still sleeping like a newborn sometimes makes me fully qualified to say SLEEP DEPRIVATION SUCKS!!! Go ahead, whine if you want to. Just because sleep deprivation goes along with babies it doesn't mean we have to like it.

the Dread Pirate Rackham said...

hehee, fecesbook...

I know what you mean. But you know, don't deprive yourself of a good whine just because you are sleep depriveded. In your now truly excellent life where you have really nothing to complain about there is always the sleep deprivation.

It's a real thing. It is really teh suck.

beth - Total Mom Haircut said...

Ditto on D's comment. You get to totally recognize the suckage that is sleep deprivation, all while loving and appreciating the babe. A lack of sleep really DOES make everything harder/worse/suckier. It's a proven fact!

Anonymous said...

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